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Preparing Your Car for Summer

There’s no doubt about it, your car can take quite a beating during the wintertime.

Now that your vehicle has made it through the cold winds, harsh snow, and slippery ice, it’s time for a little TLC. Bringing your car to a team of service professionals can help to ensure that everything is working properly and improve the overall safety of your vehicle. You can drive with confidence knowing that your car is up-to-date after making it through the winter. There are a few main areas that a service technician may want to explore.

Tires, Brakes and Alignment

Once the temperature begins to rise and stabilize, it’s a good idea to change winter tires back to all-seasons. Driving winter tires on warmer roads can cause them to wear out quicker and reduce longevity. While your service technician is putting your all-seasons back on, chances are this might be a good time for an alignment. An alignment can help to improve the handling of your vehicle and help your tires last longer.

You should take this time to ensure that your tires have an ideal amount of tread and that the air pressure is at the right amount. Always take note of how your brakes sound and feel. If they make squealing noises, shake, feel rough, or anything else out of the ordinary, let your technician know right away. One of the service technicians at Meadowvale Ford would be happy to perform an inspection and help ensure that your car's tires, brakes and handling are in the best shape possible!

Ensure Your Battery is Strong

Cold weather can have negative effects on your car's battery. It can cause it to deteriorate quicker and need a replacement sooner. During your spring and summer tune-up, your service technician may want to test your battery to advise you if or when it needs a replacement. If your engine usually takes more than a second to start, let your service technician know. That can be a sign that it’s not in the best health and needs a replacement soon.

Take a look at this article to see if your car is showing any signs that it needs a battery replacement soon!

Refill Fluids

As the temperatures rise, you should always make sure that your car has all the necessary fluids. Some of the fluids you may want to get topped off include:

  • Oil
  • Radiator fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Air conditioning fluid

Coolant is especially important, as it helps to make sure that your engine is being properly cooled. Check with your service technician at Meadowvale Ford to see if your car needs any fluids replaced or topped off.

Cleaning Your Car

Once a service technician has had a chance to inspect your vehicle and perform any maintenance, there’s only one step left. It’s time to clean your car!

Grab some household cleaning products and your vacuum, it’s time to make your vehicle sparkle again. Things like garbage, dirt, and salt can easily accumulate inside your car, especially in the winter.  Start by removing all the garbage and clutter from your car, and then give it a good vacuum. Remove all the mats and get into all the cracks and crevices for the best clean possible. Use a clean cloth or paper towel, and some household cleaning products to remove dirt and dust from your windows, dashboard, doors, and cup holders. Don’t forget to take your vehicle to a local car wash to clean the exterior, too!

Once your car is clean and organized, add a fresh scent to complete the job! Now that your car looks, feels, and smells as good as new – you can really enjoy it! To learn more about vehicle servicing and repairs at Meadowvale Ford, contact us today! Our team of experts would be happy to inspect your vehicle and perform any necessary repairs.



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