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Best Cars for Camping

Best Cars for Camping

At Meadowvale Ford we understand how essential it is to have the right vehicle if you have an outdoor lifestyle. In the summer months (and for some Canadians the winter months, too) camping is an important part of your lifestyle. Without the proper vehicle to get you and all of your belongings to and from campsites and cottages it makes enjoying the outdoors difficult. You can browse some of our currently available vehicles using our convenient inventory search tool located on our website. Investing in a vehicle that can easily become a part of your ultra-terrain lifestyle is way easier than starting a campfire with help from Meadowvale Ford.

Ford Escape

The spacious interior inside of the Ford Escape is essential for families and individuals who love to camp. You can easily store all your camping equipment and personal belongings while still having room to stretch your legs. The turbocharged engine allows the Ford Escape to deliver a very high performance during trips down old country roads leading to most cottages and campgrounds. The high-quality cabin and comfortable seating in this SUV lets the driver and passengers feel relaxed during long drives to the cottage. You can take a look at some of our currently available Ford Escape models here.

Ford F-150

The auto start-stop technology offered in the Ford F150 helps the driver to save on fuel costs during those long trips to the cottage. You can store all of your fishing equipment, camping gear and personal belongings in the large flatbed storage area that the F-150 offers. The flatbed storage option also makes moving furniture to and from your cottage even easier. You can cut costs on renting large moving vehicles by making good use of your spacious and strong Ford F-150. Take a look at our wide variety of Ford F-150’s.

Ford Expedition

Bring more family and friends with you on your vacation to the cottage or campground thanks to the Ford Expedition’s comfortable third-row seating option. The strong and highly-efficient turbocharged V6 engine makes navigating highways and steep uphill roads a breeze. If you don’t have extra people to accommodate leaving empty seats, this provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the folding rear seats. This allows you to make room for furniture, BBQ’s, camping equipment among other things you might need to bring with you on vacation. See if we have a Ford Expedition that meets your needs.

Family Lifestyle

The spacious and efficient Escape, F-150 XLT, and Expedition are not just great for camping, but for an everyday family lifestyle too. Having a larger and stronger vehicle makes accommodating to family life that much easier. The spacious insides of these vehicles are great for accommodating more persons, comfortably fitting a car seat, moving furniture into a college dorm room and driving the kids to soccer practice among many other family activities. These vehicles are not only a great investment into an outdoor lifestyle, but to a family life as well.


Meadowvale Ford offers affordable auto financing for a wide variety of vehicles that are equipped for an outdoor lifestyle. Applying for financing can be done online in an easy application process or in-store with one of our customer service representatives. One of our Meadowvale Ford customer service representatives would be more than happy to walk you through the financing options that are available to you. 



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