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Everything You Need to Know About SYNC® Technology

The SYNC communication and entertainment system inside the Ford Escape.

You want the best driving experience possible. That’s exactly what Ford can give you. Especially with innovations like SYNC® technology. SYNC® is a proprietary in-vehicle communication and entertainment system, designed directly from the experts at Ford. SYNC® can help you do everything from make a phone call or text, to listen to music, control the temperature, and so much more. SYNC® is integrated into most Ford models with the main intention of helping drivers keep their eyes and attention on the road, while still allowing them to engage in the vehicles many features.

Top 10 Trendy and Valuable Accessories Every Driver Needs

Smartphone charging in the car using a car phone charger.

Are you always looking for the next best trend? If so, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a regular commuter or someone who only uses their car to run quick errands, we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest and most useful accessories for your car. These accessories offer a range of features and benefits, from keeping your vehicle clean and organized, to simply enhancing the overall driving experience. Read on to learn more about the top 10 accessories you need for your car today!

2018 Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

Introducing the 2018 Ford Fusion Energi.

This powerful vehicle features the latest in modern electric vehicle technology. The advanced lithium-ion battery enables this vehicle to drive for nearly 34 kilometres on solely electric power, before the efficient gasoline engine kicks in for the rest of the ride. Enjoy top-of-the-line luxury and technology, while benefiting from the money-saving and environmentally-friendly electric vehicle features. Read on to learn more about the 2018 Ford Fusion Energi.

Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

Snowy Winter Driving Conditions Outside

If you live in Canada, chances are you understand the importance of safe winter driving. Once the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, driving conditions can become difficult and sometimes dangerous. As an informed and strategic driver, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your best safety and most courteous driving this winter season.

7 Hidden Towing Features of the F-150 You Didn't Know

Towing a Vehicle

Are you looking for a vehicle that can keep up with your towing needs?

Well, the Ford F-150 might be the vehicle you’ve been looking for. Over the years, this model has consistently set the industry standard for exceptional towing features and capabilities. If you find yourself hauling trailers, boats and the like to and from the cottage, investing in a truck that is fully-equipped to meet and exceed your expectations can prove to be quite beneficial.

Keep reading to explore the many towing features of the Ford F-150!

Ford Police Responder Hybrid: The Evolution of Police Vehicles

hybrid police responded

The vehicle used by a police officer must be many things.

It needs to be safe, fast, powerful, and environmentally-friendly. These four things, among many other important features, aren’t easy to come by in one exclusive vehicle. Luckily, Ford has been working diligently to find a solution and craft a vehicle that meets and exceeds all standards of any, and every, police department across the globe.

Let’s take a closer look at the past, present, and future of Ford Police Responder vehicles.

How to Drive in Dense Fog

How to Drive in Dense Fog

Driving in dense fog could be pretty overwhelming. Not to mention, potentially dangerous. Many drivers tend to feel somewhat stressed when they have no choice but to face a foggy drive in order to get to their destination. On the other hand, many of today’s best vehicles are equipped to help you face the harshest conditions. If you understand how to drive safely in dense fog and know when it’s time to pull over and wait it out, chances are you will make it to your destination in one piece.

Everything You Need to Know About Sport Mode

Everything You Need to Know About Sport Mode

As one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Ford has always been interested in improving the performance, flexibility, and durability of their vehicles. With every new range of offerings, it seems that the engineering team of the pioneering brand still manages to hit the mark with prized innovations and perks, staying true to Ford’s long history of quality vehicles. With the further implementation of the sport mode, the legendary automobile manufacturer set out once again to exceed the customer’s expectation by providing a line-up of products with a wide range of features and possibilities.

2017 Kia Sorrento VS. 2017 Ford Edge

Ford Edge driving

When it comes to considering the best SUVs in 2017, the Kia Sorento and Ford Edge will probably come to mind. These two five-seaters managed to practically jump on the forefront of the market, ranking among the most popular offerings of their particular kind, while appealing to a wide range of users across North America.

How to Change a Flat Tire

flat tire on a car

Stuck with a flat tire? There’s no need to panic!

Changing a flat tire might sound like a daunting task, particularly if you have never changed one on your own before. Although it might appear like a difficult process, it’s much simpler than you think – with the right training of course. Read on to find out more about how to change a flat tire in a few easy steps!

The Ford Super Duty: Space and Functionality Finally Come Together

Ford Super Duty

Have you ever looked into the back seat of your vehicle and discovered that half of your closet has taken up residence there? Sadly, many people can relate to this. As busy people, we spend most of our time moving from one activity to the next in the confined space of our vehicle of choice. However, the ever-changing automobile world has caught up to the needs of the consumer. And the leader of the automobile market, Ford, has more than delivered with the Ford Super Duty.

How to Use a Ford Tire Inflator and Sealant Kit

flat tire

Nobody wants to get a flat tire, but it just happens. Whether you’re driving on an old tire and it gives out, or you run into some debris or an obstacle on the road, you’re going to have to deal with a flat someday.

And though most cars use a spare tire to provide you with the ability to drive on, and make it to a tire shop, many modern Ford vehicles such as Mustangs and modern Ford hybrids use an alternative method to repair your tires – a tire inflator and sealant kit.

2017 Ford Focus Advanced Technology

2017 ford focus rs

The 2017 Ford Focus is everything you’ve been waiting for. It’s fully-equipped with advanced technology, durable materials, and modern features that can please just about any driver. And the passengers, too! Available in multiple models, each 2017 Ford Focus was designed and manufactured with a superior driving experience in mind. 

The Benefits of Summer Tires

White ford vehicle

When it comes to tires for your car, you have several options to choose from. Especially when you live in Canada, where the weather can change in the blink of an eye. You can equip your car with all season, winter, or summer tires. All tires have their pros and cons, depending on what time of year or season it is. 

Preparing Your Car for Summer

Cleaning Car Tires

There’s no doubt about it, your car can take quite a beating during the wintertime.

Now that your vehicle has made it through the cold winds, harsh snow, and slippery ice, it’s time for a little TLC. Bringing your car to a team of service professionals can help to ensure that everything is working properly and improve the overall safety of your vehicle. You can drive with confidence knowing that your car is up-to-date after making it through the winter. There are a few main areas that a service technician may want to explore. 



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